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PostSubject: Rina Silverfox   Rina Silverfox I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 11:43 pm

Please note that I'm not making up a new relative for Wolverine; I'm adapting 2 "old" ones for the movie-verse. In the movies, they combined 2 relatively minor characters, Silverfox and Emma Frost's sister (Adrienne, I think, I'm have to look it up again), into one important one because it fit the movie-verse better. This character is a combination of X-23 and a lesser-known MC Universe daughter of Wolverine's, Wild Thing, so I'd like X-23 listed as "Taken" if my character gets accepted so that there won't be continuity issues.

Name: Rina Silverfox
Mutant Name: Wild Thing

Good, Evil or Don't Know: Bit of both

Mutant Or Human: Mutant

Description/personality (I'm combining them): Rina has her father's piercing stare when she's angry and her mother's kind eyes when she's not. She seems to have an open face, which leads people to trust her easily, though they find out later this is a bad idea. Rina is a callous manipulator, not because she's evil, but because she was trained to be. She trusts no one except her government, which she has strong, blind faith in. She does her job with meticulous and cruel efficiency.

High cheekbones, wide nose, and straight dark hair hint at her mother's Indian heritage, but this many generations along it's only obvious to those paying close attention.

Affiliation: homeless, loyal to the government

Powers/Talents: Healing factor, animal senses like her father. Instead of bone-weapons, she has psychic claws that cause intense pain rather than physical damage. They do not rend. Immune to telepathy.

Past (Included If Want To): Okay, the "if you want to" part bugs me. This whole application is very bare-bones, in my opinion. Oh well.

Kayla Silverfox was pregnant when she was dieing of the gunshot wound on three-mile island. This was discovered during cleanup of the destroyed former prison, and Rina was placed in an artificial womb (basically she was raised in a tank). During the years leading up to X-men 1, she was trained as a weapon to be the next generation of mutant killing machine. During movie two, she was in a separate holding cell from the captured x-mansion kids, who were to be part of the new weapon x team with her.
Stryker hadn't yet finished development on trigger scents to control her (since the serum from his son wouldn't work), so he didn't trust her enough to set her on the x-men when they invaded like he did with Deathstrike. Ignorant of her existence, the X-men left without her when the dam ruptured. The floodwaters broke her free of her cell, and she found herself alone and unguided. She knew she was a secret project of the government's and couldn't just ask to be put back in a similar project without giving away classified information, so she wandered the canadian wilderness while trying to figure out who to contact. During said wandering, she did what she was trained to do: find and kill mutants. At first there wasn't much reporting done on her activities since she was careful, but now some people are noticing that there's been a strange number of dead mutants showing up in the same area.

I'm tired. i'll clean up the backstory later if needed
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Rina Silverfox
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