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 Lalaine Mathews

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Name: Lalaine Mathews aka Tarnal

Good, Evil or Don't Know: Unsure

Mutant Or Human: Mutant

There are several features of Lalaine that could make her a very pretty girl. However, because of feelings she feels towards herself, these qualities aren't always noted. Sure, she has a pretty face; milky-creamy brown eyes that someone could make someone just melt, a cute button nose, and average sized pink lips, a height of five foot seven and a slender form. But Lalaine lacks confidence and this is often shown in the way she walks, acts, and behaves in general when communicating with others or just existing as a person.

For this lack of confidence reason, she often times doesn't show herself to be pretty. She wears neutral clothing that usually doesn't show off her pretty decent body. Though she's friendly she often times closes people off when they try to get to close, and for this reason she has a quieter sometimes deemed as vain type of appearance to others.

But any one who has every watched people before can be aware that she's going through a hard stage in her life where she has yet to decide on which path to take. Of course, no one's aware that the path she chooses could very well get her killed, but isn't life a day-to-day experience. Tomorrow's consequenes are often based on today's actions.

As far as scars go, she often where's long sleeved shirts or lots of bracelets when she's out in public to hide the self-inflicted scars on her wrists. These attempts usually happen just after she's fed and her guilt, pity, and lonelisomeness drive her to attempt to end everything.

Personality: Lalaine is by nature a very caring person. Perhaps she shouldn't be, given her background, but its not something she can help. Because of her caring nature she often judges herself too harshly, and is her own biggest enemy. Every fault she criticizes, every mistake made is a disaster. This is not to say that she's a dramatic person because she's not. Or rather, no one would find her to be a dramatic person because she often hides herself from others the best she can. There's obviously those people that want to pursue a friendship with her and these people she often snaps at. No one needs to be close friends to her, she doesn't deserve friends in her book. Though, it wasn't her fault she was born a mutant.

So, despite her issues with herself, when she's in a good mood she often comes off as a very friendly person. A good friend but never anything particularly close. She always keeps friends at arms length to avoid them getting hurt. Pain is something she's often used to, but this doesn't make her a masochistic by any stretch of the imagination. She just often feels she needs to suffer to pay for her demonic sins.

Occasionally she falls into pits of self-doubt after she's fed, and she'll attempt to take the easy way out by slitting her wrists or putting herself in life-threatening situations to end her suffering and to protect everyone else from her.

X-men, Brotherhood, MRD Or homeless/Live In Home: Runaway/Homeless

Powers/Talents: [ Summary ]
[x] Uncontrolled ability to feed on the people’s emotions around her.
[x] Has an aura about her that’ll trigger the people’s emotions around her to increase if hungry, upset, or frightened.
[x] Limited empathy ability.

Lalaine can feed off of the high emotions of the people around her, weakening them by stealing the energy they use to build their emotions. This energy she steals she uses as fuel to feed herself.

She is unable to eat anything other than the emotions of the people around her.

She is unable to control how much she feeds on others. She’ll normally feed on others for too long and this could resort in the victim either fainting or dieing. Feeding on someone for to long would make the victim lose all or most all of their energy, therefore causing the working organs to slow down from the energy loss. With the lack of energy the victim would be unable to continue on with what normally comes natural to them, breathing for example. It would be like the person was becoming frozen, and their functions were slowing down as their body temperature got lower and lower.

From the eyes of the victim they feel a need to continue on with the emotion they are currently expressing, the emotion which Lalaine is feeding off of. This is because Lalaine has this aura around her that makes people want to continue on with the emotion they are currently expressing, and this aura can also increase the emotion the people around her are feeling depending upon the person and the strength of her aura at the time.

What Lalaine lacks in her ability, is to be able to control it to the point where she does not kill those she feeds off of. Feeding is like a drug to her, once she starts she can't stop until there is nothing left to feed on. Now normally, when she feeds she's alone. But at this young state of her ability if there was someone around her to stop her, that might help her from killing or extremely harming her victims. If you think about it, if she's addicted to feeding as a smoker is addicted to cigarettes, telling her to stop won't simply work. Prying her mind away from what she's doing would probably work.

When her aura works to increase the emotions of the people around her, she can only feed on these people when they are infatuated in that emotion. She'll lock her eyes on her victim, and take in a deep breath. Taking the breath is how the energy transfers from her victim's body to hers.

The aura that surrounds herself doesn’t usually effect the people around her unless they are expressing a feeling a bit more than normal. For instance, if a man is hollering at an officer for giving him a traffic ticket, Lalaine’s aura can increase the emotion until that is the only thing the man is feeling. The man will probably act on his enrage and attack the officer or do something harmful to himself, other people, or the objects around him. At this point she can feed on the emotion, but otherwise she can’t. When she feeds on the emotions of the people around her, they’re stuck in the state of the emotion they are currently feeling, and they can feel themselves growing weaker, but are unable to stop themselves from acting the way they are. It’s like they are in a trance of some kind.

Also, because she’s able to feed off of people’s emotions she’s also an empath, able to tell how a person is feeling because of her appetite.

[ Additional Facts ]
[x] Her aura tends to act up when she’s angry or terrified.
[x] She can sense her aura by a light buzzing sound that only she can hear.
[x] Her empathy is still very limited, and she can only identify anger & sorrow.
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Lalaine Mathews
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